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Safety King will help you meet the requirements for an ultraclean hospital environment by using the best practices to thoroughly clean air ducts and air handling equipment. Clean airduct surfaces help prevent microbial growth, a contributor to the spread of infectious disease in healthcare environments. Your ventilation system is out of sight, but it shouldn’t be out of mind.

To prevent the spread of infection, ductwork interior surfaces must be cleaned regularly. If neglected, these surfaces accumulate a gradually increasing layer of dust and dirt, a rich mixture of organic compounds – including a high proportion of skin and hair – which are valuable nutrients for micro-organisms that can and do thrive in these protected spaces. Because of the rapid air flow through the ducts, infectious particles from the micro-organisms can readily become airborne and reach your patients, putting them at serious risk.

Safety King’s unique air duct cleaning system will clean your ductwork and reduce the risk of spreading harmful germs such as MRSA, Staphylococcus Aureus and Clostridium Difficile. And we do this work without disrupting the day-to-day running of your hospital.

Safety King is the area’s leading air hygiene specialist, drawing from over 40 years’ experience cleaning ductwork systems in pharmaceutical environments and private hospitals internationally.

The Risk

The ductwork gathers dust:
• A mixture of organic compounds
• A high proportion of skin and hair
• Valuable nutrients for the growth of micro-organisms
• Can easily become airborne

The Solution

Safety King Air Duct Cleaning will:
• Reduce the risk of spreading harmful germs
• Cause no disruption to day-to-day running of your hospital

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