Cleaning of commercial Buildings

Potentially harmful air pollutants can be present inside virtually any indoor environment, from homes to hospitals, and certainly includes all commercial spaces and office environments.  A long list of companies have found that indoor air problems can be very expensive and a serious challenge to employee and customer morale. One famous and painful (and lethal!) example of this is Legionnaires’ Disease. For information on this, visit

Today, indoor air quality (IAQ) is recognized as one of our most important environmental concerns. The inadequacy of IAQ has become one of the most common varieties of occupational health complaints today.

Safety King provides assessment of your indoor environment, possible remediation strategies, and other services related to indoor air quality. Our approach is to develop an Indoor Air Quality profile, which can provide useful information in developing a program for your company.

An air duct inspection by Safety King can get you started toward cleaner and healthier indoor air!

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